"To me, food embodies the essence of communal life unlike anything else"  -CD

The Book of CD
"Painting the canvass of life through food."
- CD

Since I was a child I have been creating in the kitchen.  My father, Mr. J, was a food service director and I spent everyday after school in the kitchen learning, listening, and wishing I wasn't there.  This is where my father started calling my CD. Then my father opened his own restaurant and catering business, Mister J's Cafe and Catering in Orangeburg, SC and the rest was history.  I have been catering and creating southern style menus with my father since the early 2000s.  My father was a culinary instructor as well so I was trained by one of the best.  

My current style expresses bold flavors, big plates, a extreme fusions - the very staples of a good Southern meal.  Though I was trained in the realm of Southern cuisineI have expanded my repertoire to explore different cultures and their ways with food. 


I love to create so every menu i make will be specifically yours.  I take great pride in making your event YOURS.  That's why I say you have to Experience CD to really Experience CD.   Mr. J lost his fight with cancer in 2014 inspiring me to take his dream and pair it with my mother's will to win to really make us all proud. 

"Son, Always Remember to Cook with Love!"

 - Roger Jenkins, Jr.